Former Cold War Installations

Here you will find some of the remaining cold war installations: Army Barracks, Bunkers Airfields that i managed to document within Germany.


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Verden: Shiel Barracks - Now Demolished  

Lippstadt Soest: Churchill Barracks - Now converted.

Moechengladbach: Ayrshire Barracks - Now a new football stadium and sports centre.


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Former: Fort Henry & Annex/San Sebastian Barracks & Bottom Camp

Fort York/ Graf Yorke Kaserne - Soest 

Former: Fort Victoria Fort Anne & Fort St.Louis/Vittoria & Albuhera Barracks B.A.O.R Werl


Former: Fort Chambly/Salamanca Barracks B.A.O.R Soest

Former Newcastle Barracks & Brixton Camp (Windsor Boys School) B.A.O.R Hamm 

Former  US SAS Werl, Nuclear Missile storage site - 4th U.S. Army Field Artillery Detachment

Former Hobart Barracks & Airfield - B.A.O.R Detmold

B.A.O.R Camps & Barracks that no longer exist or have been made unrecognisable:


Dortmund Area:

  • West Riding Barracks - Now a New Housing Estate 
  • Moore Barracks - Now open Ground
  • Napier Barracks - Now a Sportsfield & Training ground for BVB 
  • Suffolk Barracks - Now a New Housing Estate
  • Redesdale Barracks - Now a New Housing Estate
  • Ubique barracks - Now Industrial Estate

Hamm Area:



  • Clifton Barracks - Now a New Housing estate & Industrial Estate.

          The only remaining buildings are: RHQ - Officers Mess with Sanger

          & the converted Stable REME LAD Bar!)

  •   Kingsley Barracks - Now converted into Shops Etc. 

 Menden, Iserlohn Area:

  • Aldershot Barracks - Demolished